One may ask why is this such an important subject as to merit my posting this on my web-site. One my not even care what anyone does with "steroids." But the reason I post this is because I believe men are being severely denied their rights to be men. I say this because men's testosterone levels are all below normal. I mean that too. I have NEVER read one single blood test of a man who had a normal testosterone level and this is because of pollution. Now, if this is the case then it is the government's responsibility to inform men of this or at the very least allow men to use testosterone replacement therapy. The clever media has told everyone that this is "anabolic steroids" in an attempt to make it seem like something that is unneeded or unnatural. While in reality men having below normal testosterone levels is what is unnatural.....

And yes, even if men did have normal testosterone levels, I would still advocate steroid use as women have breast implants and other cosmetic procedures that allow them to be ultra feminine, almost Goddess like. At the same time men are forced to just stay the same. Not to mention some men are just very skinny individuals and have a problem with bullies beating them up. Or in my case I had girls telling me what a wimp I was because I was skinny. Or they would say that no girl would ever want me. How immoral can Americans be as to not care about these guys?

Americans are not as free as they claim. In plenty of countries around the world, one doesn't even need a prescription to obtain male hormones. They are available over the counter in Japan or Thailand! (In fact, in Iraq they are over the counter as well. This makes me wonder if Iraq wasn't already free without us having to go fuck with them) Even in England one can import a personal supply legally, even without a prescription. In the USA if you did that you would be in serious trouble. Hell, the USA even throws doctors into prison for prescribing them! In fact, there was an endocrinologist in Texas recently who the government gave a $190,000 fine just for prescribing male hormones to men who wanted them! My God!

Also, I want to point out that when doing research regarding "steroids" you will find the studies show that they are amazingly safe. Aspirin kills about 1,000 people per year. If you think "steroids" are even remotely close to being this dangerous you are sorely deceived. (As for them shrinking your penis, the truth is male hormones make it bigger. Keep in mind that's what testosterone does. Stop listening to the puppeteers in the media. I can't believe there are still this many people who get their info from stand up comedians.) In more civilized countries than the USA, testosterone shots are used as a male contraceptive. Much like female hormones are used as a female contraceptive. The World Health Organization has run studies and has determined that a 200mg shot of testosterone a week had NO side effects what so ever and CERTAINLY does not kill anyone. Stop listening to corrupt congressmen and politicians!

I go into greater detail here

Every year in most Western countries more and more laws are created - usually having the effect of criminalizing more men. You may not notice, for example, an extra 100 laws per year that effect men, but over the course of 10 years that is an extra 1,000 laws, and by the time your son is your age it might be an extra 3,000 laws.

Women like security, men like freedom.

Where do we draw the line?

Do we just want to give in to this Matriarchal totalitarianism that is quite happy to sacrifice freedom for some imagined gain in "security?"

Freedom is great, but like most things if you don't use it you lose it. Use your freedom of speech and start to argue back against this creeping criminalization of masculinity, or prepare to lose that freedom of speech in the near future. It's your choice, but if you do decide to say nothing don't start whining if one day you find yourself in jail for the most minor behavior.

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"Let's get real about sports and steroids" is written by a woman. So if a woman believes steroids are OK, then men sure as hell should. If you are one of the many men who are afraid some guy will get on steroids and be able to pee further than you, then in my book you are NOT a man and need to fuck off. Sorry, but when you look around and see that the ones who really benefit from steroid therapy are men, and the ones who are against it are men (most women are OK with it, amazingly) then I believe these anti-testosterone men are in fact wimps who want to stay wimps, but also are afraid other men will be more masculine than they, so they want to keep them down. That's pretty low in my book. You all should know from reading my anti-feminism page that I'm a men's rights activist. So when I see men who are against things that will benefit men, I just have to shake my head . . .

A provocative interview with Dr. Norm Fost, M.D.

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One of the few times the media shows the other side of the truth, the real truth. What would have made it even better is if they showed just how many old men in their 70s have been mega-dosing steroids for literally decades and who are healthier than other men their age. I don't like how the media has lied about so many things but when they do tell the whole truth, I feel I must commend them on it.

Update: This seminar, courtesy of DrugPolicy.org, was recorded recently (May 10, 2006) in New York City featuring acclaimed steroid expert Rick Collins. You can listen to a recording of the talk online, as well as view his PowerPoint presentation, some background information, and additional resources.

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