Testosterone is not bad

By jtest28

Politicians and the lying media will say things like "steroids aren't worth it, just ask Alzado!" Well, Lyle Alzado's own doctors said steroids aren't what killed him. The guy got brain cancer because he had AIDS. But he didn't want to be known as having a "gay" disease so he told everyone that steroids gave him brain cancer. By the way, the type of brain cancer he had is specific to people with AIDS. hmm.... And if the media can't find someone who died of steroids (And they usually can't) they will just lie. For example there's one athlete I know of who admitted to using steroids then a couple of years later dies of a heart attack. The media reported it in headlines as "Admitted steroid user dies of heart attack," obviously in an attempt to associate steroids with death. But the autopsy revealed he died of a cocaine overdose. Technically the media didn't lie. They just told a half truth. I've seen the media do this with many other people as well. Now days they are saying that steroids make you want to kill yourself. False again because steroids have actually been shown to be an antidepressant. They cited a case of a teenager who committed suicide and was on steroids. Well, steroid use is very common and so is teen suicide for that matter. Even the government admits of the wide spread use of "steroids" but when just ONE of the millions of steroid users there are commits suicide then guess what, steroids must have made him do it right?

Look at how many people die of heart attacks. Well, at my job which has only 23 employees, two men had heart attacks in the past year. One was only 52 and yes, he died. BUT if he had been a steroid user he would have instant fame as the media would have his picture all over the place proclaiming the reason for his death was steroids. The bottom line is "steroids" are amazingly safe. One study done by the New England Journal of Medicine used a massive dose over a ten-week period and found the only side effect was a slight increase in oily skin!

I still like what
Rick Collins had to say:

"Finally, commentators from both the legal and medical communities have noted an interesting cultural irony in the comparison of anabolic steroid administration to cosmetic surgery procedures. In a society preoccupied with physical appearance, confidence and self-image are often intertwined with body shape and condition. Under the current views and laws of our society, it is criminal for a physician to administer anabolic steroids to a healthy adult for purposes of cosmetic physical enhancement. However, it is perfectly acceptable (and quite lucrative) to perform the much more radical and dangerous procedure of surgically implanting foreign prosthetics into virtually all parts of the human anatomy for the same purpose, subjecting patients to the potentially fatal risks associated with general anesthesia and post-surgical infection. Many more people have died or been permanently injured from botched liposuctions and other cosmetic surgery procedures in the past few years than in over forty years of anabolic steroid use by athletes. If one of these alternatives must be illegal, it would seem that the current state of legality regarding these procedures might best be reversed."