Despite these points, I am aware that many would still contend that steroids are destructive. However according the Centers for Disease Control, between the years 1990-1994 an average of 430,700 (American) people died annually from smoking. The same report, when speaking of anabolic steroids states, "There is little evidence to show that their use will cause long term detrimental effects".

From a doctor


Dianabol - makes you "horny and virile".

Anavar (oxandrolone) is very safe for the liver. Every man should take one or two pills per day. Women can take it too, because it doesn't have androgenic effects, it is pure anabolic. It boosts the immune system tremendously. People that are HIV+ have taken Anavar for up to 15 years without getting AIDS. They take Anavar plus rHGH. Anavar speeds up (improves) metabolism, and it will not aromatize (convert to estrogen). Zero aromatization. It has no effect on libido, because it has no androgenic (male, virile) effects it is only anabolic (builds muscle). The FDA took it off the market (par for the course, for the FDA.) in the U.S. for many years. Now it is back on the market because of the AIDS epidemic. Becoming HIV+ doesn't even scare me anymore because Anavar plus growth hormone will prevent HIV+ from becoming AIDS. For example, Magic Johnson was HIV+, now appears to be negative." - Doctor David Speer

A man from the UK

I have been around on this site (Elite Fitness) for about a year and every time I log in, there are posts about getting gear into the US , Customs seizing it, getting done by scammers. I know most of you boys are from the US, I personally am from UK and am baffled by how heavy handed your government is on Steroids. I am not saying it's a doddle in the UK, however, the police are not interested. I have been stopped in customs with steroids and it was personal use and I was fine and they gave me the steroids back. What classification have steroids got in the US? In UK, they have the lowest possible.

Is it as bad as it seems?

A man from Turkey responds:

I hear ya mate.. It's rather pathetic!

In turkey, steroids are legal to buy and use just like vitamin c, bread, or milk. In Israel, it's legal to use with a script, but even if caught with huge amounts, nobody gives a fuck.

Only in the US, the govt is interested in watching and monitoring every move you make.


...I also find it ironic that the male hormone, testosterone, is villainized in our society. Why is it perfectly normal for a woman to go on the pill? It's just an exogenous form of her dominant hormone, estrogen. Why can't a man use his own dominant hormone? Femerica says this is a felony, but with HRT, many guys are getting it. A SAD can get his genitals cut off and be given estrogen therapy. A woman can get testosterone therapy to become a man. A woman can get estrogen for birth control. But a man is prohibited from getting testosterone to boost his own masculine traits. It's more legalized discrimination of males.

A men's rights advocate

Women can get all the hormones they want. Even gay men can get estrogen with no problem. Gay men can do whatever it takes to become more female. They can even go as far as having their penis cut off and their scrotum turned inside out and fashioned into a vagina. But, when a man wants to be more man, it's against the law. Even gay women can get testosterone pretty easily. Anyone but the man.