Why Women Are Angry

By Zammo

Women in the Anglo-sphere are angry because they know, deep down, that they are fundamentally wrong.

They are wrong because they embraced the hateful and thoroughly illogical political philosophy of feminism.

They are wrong because they feel they have to compete with men in order to be better women.

They are wrong because they have rejected logic and reason and replaced those foundations of society and culture with the oxymoronic notion of "emotional truth" and the civilization-wrecking concept of the tyranny of the majority.

They are wrong because they continue to enslave an entire gender and then cast the slaves aside on an emotional or sexual whim or worse, "because he's a doormat".

They are wrong because "for the children" is a selfish and facile expression for "give me more".

They are wrong because they rewrote the life script without thought, introspection, or the ability to see the consequences of their actions.

They are wrong because voluntary single-motherhood is destroying our civilization one angry, hateful son at a time.

They are wrong because the government cannot be a surrogate father.

They are wrong because the personal is not the political.

They are wrong because the vast majority of men on this planet are actually good men trying to support their families in the best way they can.

They are wrong because women in the Anglo-sphere never bothered to learn from their mistakes and continue to ruin their own lives, the lives of the men in their life, and the children they have.

Women know they are wrong but because they are too weak, too stupid, too arrogant, and too stubborn to take stock of their lives and admit their many, many flaws, the anger simply builds up until they let madness and medication take over.