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> I must be naive, ~or what happened to men~?
Posted: May 18 2004, 08:34 PM
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My take on this gender-wars tragedy and why men are "giving up on women" en masse is a bit different, but no more insightful than the many posts above.

It's simply that, women have become dreadfully uninteresting.

Why would I want to invest my time and energy and money trying to provide endless free "talk therapy" for some (any random) female who has so many issues, so much baggage, inevitable animosity towards my gender, and (hence) so little actual desirability?

The female relationship equation for men is best reduced to the question -- "How much brain damage are you willing to accept for a little coochie?"

They (womenyz) have made themselves uninteresting because they are so self-consumed that there is only one topic of conversation --- "What she wants..."

I wish they were more interesting, I really do!

I thought they were all now subscribing to Oprah's Book Club, and that that might open up some engaging avenues for discussing ... oh, I don't know ... IDEAS? HISTORY? CULTURE? PHILOSOPHY?


They buy the books, but do not actually read them. sad.gif

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Posted: May 18 2004, 10:06 PM
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Every step that I take today will be painful due to being beaten with hammmers in the legs.

I slept on the settee because I once woke up to find mysef being strangled in my own bed (nearly did not make it that time.)

My savings have gone. Some to keep the peace, some were stolen with a forged signature.

My clothing has been knifed or burnt.

My flat, furnature and personal belogings have been destroyed, all of them.

She earns more than me, she has no children and has slept with other men in my own bed yet I am expected to work to support her.

NB. She is currently living with a car thief. Working men are boring you see.

Are you beginning to understand now, Kelly?

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