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free spirited woman
October 27 2003 at 11:27 PM
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SuperDuper  (no login)
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Ha ha,

Well once again I have to explain what a proverbs 31 woman is because yet another stupid woman butted in on a post directed to wards Brother Christopher...(a male)

First of all let's define a "free spirited woman:

She is basically a whore...rebellious...bitter..and obsessed with hatred of the family...God...and morality...

She's often hooked on drugs and alcohol and if she happens to have enough brains to not destroy herself with chemicals she destroys herself spiritually with hatred..

Shes a woman who quickly starts drama and chaos and has a mind full of useless information most likely learned from a mindless moronic female in a leadership position in the feminist movement...(a movement designed to destroy the strength and dignity of MOST not ALL women and turn them into bitter lesbian mindless cry babies or full on whores waiting around for all the male penises to be installed into their whining mouths or STD infested vaginas...

Yes, a free spirited woman wants to believe and accept everything but the truth and loves to believe lies..

Now a Proverbs 31 woman is:

(1) A moral woman who is smart enough to not be "tricked" by some worthless bum or "player". She has the spiritual discernment and the INTELLIGENCE to judge and determine a persons charactor...She not the typical bimbo who can be so easily manipulated and seduced.

(2) She is a person that her husband can trust. She's not a whore and she's not stupid like most women are today.

(3) Shes a woman who will always do her husband GOOD and not intentionally try to "knock him down a notch or two"...Jack Van Impes wife used to tell a story of another pastor's wife whom suggested that "wifes need to "bust the bubble of their husbands" so they don't get too carried away when the become successful"..Women are known to do this because the are jealous of EVERTHING...

(4) She's a hard worker. Most women today simply complain and obsess on why men or ruling over them and in charge of everything..

(5) She is industrious and capable of managing and running a business and supervising several people. Most women today can't even manage to find and love a decent man.. They are so stupid that they blame ALL men for their lack of intelligence and general stupidity.. Many-a- whore can't even manage to keep a job long because they get mad and quite because they "got their feelings hurt"

(6) She is physically strong..not a weak little princess who is afraid to get dirty or do any kind of work which might "break a nail"

(7) She is concerned for and helps the needy and the poor. Most whores today are only concerned for themselves and how much money they can spend at the mall or how much further they can sink themselves and their poor husbands and boyfriends into debt.


(9) She is an HONORABLE woman..

(10) She is a woman of WISDOM..

(11) She is a woman of KINDNESS

(12) She is not lazy.

(13) Her CHILDREN PRAISE her and call her blessed. In other words she is not some insane demonized WHORE who runs around trying to promote and encourage other women to not only got through insanity of abortions but to be whores in general and not use what little brains the typical female has. Men, find out if the woman your interested in has had an abortion.. If she has RUN FOR YOUR LIFE...(!) She is a killer and has demonstrated the ULTIMATE SELFISH ATTITUDE and has proven she cares only for herself and no one else..She is under a curse from the LORD and is destined for depression and possible suicide attempts.. Studies show that women who have abortions are VERY unstable and I can verify that from my experience with countless whores.. The only way she can get out of it is to ask God for forgiveness and turn to him which she will most likely not do..That would mean she would have to kick out her current lazy bum boyfriend and stop screwing all his friends and spilling the blood of innocent children down at the abortion clinic..

(14) She has no fear of old age.

(15) Her husband says she's the greatest woman in the world..

Gentlemen, this is the kind of woman that the "free thinking" "happy" women of the world LOVE TO HATE and say are "not worth anything"...

Remember that when your little buddy tells you to date a stupid girl when your brain is screaming at you to run in the opposite direction...

You heard it from women on the board like "AA" and "ABBY" and many others...These women..along with millions of other women think and believe that the better a woman is and the more like a proverbs 31 woman she is the more useless she is to womanhood and society..

This kind of insanity is why Darwin (drunk boy) thought of women as children and considered them to be inferior to men. And to the fact that most women still support this man even though they have been told about his true beliefs and spirituality and we have ample evidence to prove that many women are just plain stupid and drama queens.

Women have always been rebellious and have been used by demonic forces and intelligent men AND WOMEN in high places to engineer social change and weaken society..

Todays modern woman is usually nothing but a mindless bitter moronic WHORE who most likely has the blood of innocent CHILDREN on her hands because she KILLED a baby (or several babies) in her past..

She is often depressed and on some type of happy pill which does not work and only makes her a slave to drugs and more depression..

She's got baggage and bitterness and is a drama queen often carrying several bastard children from several BASTARDS that she PICKED OUT HERSELF TO HAVE SEX WITH...

Yes, women of today are a joke...especially the ones who mock the bible and mock proverbs 31 type women..

Get around some married couples or people who have been together for a long time...

The typical relationship is a joke...The woman is a nagging and complaining/competing idiot who is never satisfied and the male is usually not much better since he ACTUALLY ASKED THIS BIMBO TO MARRY HIM...(!)

The poor guy is trapped in a literal HELL ON EARTH and living in a home with a woman who suddenly does not care if she is 100 pounds overweight and has also decided that she will cut off all her hair and look like a man...(!)

Ha ha ha ha...(!)


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