Virtual Photo Album

Generally, I don't want too many pictures uploaded, as they use a lot of bandwidth, and plus Yahoo Profiles allows unlimited bandwidth and an enormous amount of storage space for pics. But after posting my pictures on various bodybuilding web sites, I've found that people are fascinated about how I lost so much weight and ended up so toned without losing an ounce of muscle. At one time, I weighed 150lb, at nearly 6' tall. This is pretty scrawny. Then I went to the other extreme and weighed 280lb. I did put on over 50lb. of pure muscle, but unfortunately, I got fat too. LOL After that, I started researching different diets and found out a big key to weight loss is not only counting calories but also carbs, and even going as far as eating carbs at only certain times of the day. I have found that it's the carbs, above all, that make people hungry. So I decided to make a page explaining what diets I have had success with and how long they took to get the job done. Click here. On there, you will find diet books and diets used by champion athletes to achieve extremely low body fat percentages. PS. Using these diets, it only took me seven months to lose 70lb, and I lost a total of 90lb at my leanest of 8% B.F.


Me back in 2000 weighing 280lb. I estimate I was at 40% Body fat!   I was about 53 inches around the mid-section.

X-mas of 2003   At 11% Body fat. (202lb.) I had just lost like 85lb and was feeling rather lean.