British media reports another reason on why the USA got attacked 2 minutes, 31 seconds   An un-armed man shot in the back by Israelis 1 minute, 44 seconds


A Palestinian on the ground with his foot blown almost off, no doubt done by the Israelis 29 seconds   Dr. Frederick Toben, of the Adelaide Institute, proves the Holocaust is a lie 72 minutes


Some more scientific proof that all these "Holocaust" survivors are lying. 3 minutes, 16 seconds   A former FBI agent tells about government cover-ups, so called conspiracy theories (Which are not theories at all but simply un-known facts) and when he ran for president and how the media conspired to keep him unknown. He even mentions the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and seems to suggest this is what is happening in the USA.
Part One 113 minutes
Part Two 119 minutes


This video is from the website, If Americans Knew. Well, I have been researching this stuff and even I didn't know some of the atrocities the Israelis were doing! One would think that a people who had been through a Holocaust would be less, I dunno, less "Nazi-like". 15 minutes   The Great Holocaust Trial. Watch as these "Cainites" run crazy in Canada because the truth about their Holocaust Sympathy Generator Machine is in threat of collapse by the truth coming out. These "Jews" are truly a violent bunch. 65 minutes


      Some Australian researchers experiment with a can of Zyklon-B to see if it will kill some volunteers! This video is a must see. 14 minutes


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