Men, Women and Authority

God made the man, then he made the woman to serve the man and to comfort him. No matter how evil you may perceive the man to be, the woman is always in subordination to him. God made the man to rule over the woman. There is no other way no matter what you think. You do not lose your headship, nor responsibilities because you sin. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. When it comes to sinning, women have you beat hands down. When it comes to guile, women have you beat hands down. When you sin, recognize that you have sinned and repent of that sin and go there no more. You do not have to make excuses to the moron who tries to interrogate you.

So men, you are the ruler and when you stand with the Lord's word and keep holiness and purity of the Lord's word for yourselves no evil woman filled with guile will ever be able to confuse you or deceive you. You are the head, not the woman and you always will be. Stand up in God's word and let no other doctrine of anyone come ahead of God's word and live your life according to God and HIS holy word.

When the men let the women rule, society degenerates as it did in the garden of Eden and now it does in the USA. Eve started taking the initiative, She was aggressive. She didn't believe God. She went to Satan for a second opinion. She believed Satan and did all he told her. Then she took Satan's lies to Adam and had Adam eat the fruit she had gotten from the forbidden tree. From there they degenerated into wickedness. Their own second son Cain killed Able out of jealousy. It continued to Get worse from there. One sin brings on more sin. Repent of your sins and go there no more.

Men, do not listen to the women. When they start getting aggressive, shut them down. When they start crying, walk away. Do not listen to women and their perverse emotions in any way shape or form. Women do not know right from wrong. God made the man to guide the woman and to rule over her.