The Positive Effects of Testosterone

This is a canine that was horribly neutered while still a puppy. The first picture is of him at two years of age when I first got him. The second picture is after a short time of testosterone injection at 15mg per week. This would take his male hormone level from virtually none existent, to the top of the normal range.


He had really low energy levels. It seemed like he felt sick all the time. I felt sorry for him. Also, he seemed frightened of every little thing.

Now he has tons of energy. He seems far healthier now, and definitely happier. I have had several other people say they noticed the same thing. And now he has "balls", so to speak. He seems much braver toward strangers and isn't easily frightened anymore. Testosterone rules! And yes, for you muscle heads out there, it bulked him up as well! LOL

Why the hell anyone would want to cut a male's balls off is beyond me. And don't give me that "It controls the pet population" crap. They can do vasectomies on animals. My guess is that it's mostly women who have this done as part of a sexual fetish.

We live in a very anti-testosterone society in the West. I think it's time we become a bit more pro-testosterone and pro-male.