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I Will NEVER Be Controlled By A Man Again...(!)
September 13 2003 at 11:20 AM
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SuperDuper  (no login)
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I've been dealing with the lady a preacher and her daughter for the last couple of days and have given the lady pastor several tapes out of the SuperDuper delieverance series tapes..

All but the one on the Jezebel Spirit with Rick Johnson explaining the spiritual order between God and man and women...(!) Ha ha...(!)


All you young men are going to have to deal with the Jezebel spirit as you try to manipulate your way between the legs of the modern woman when you don't have lots of money...

Many women have this voice in the head....


She is also full of hatred and bitterness towards ALL...I REPEAT ALL MEN....(!)

Remember this the next time your trying to impress or have interest in the modern woman...

In addition to having to look good enough and have the manipulation skills and the ability to judge her charactor so you can supply the nessasarry drama and chaos in the relationship you going to have to deal with her hatred of men or bitterness because a fellow whore runner broke her heart...

Or you will just have to deal with a woman who has the basic Jezebel Spirit and will fight against and tear down EVERTHING YOU TRY TO DO...(!)



A prime example can be found with one of my hoes from the past....(!)

While hauling this young woman in the SuperDuper Trans-AM I passed a car and then got into the other lane in front of the car after I passed it...

Miss Jezebel says,..."why did you not turn you blinker on..(?)"....LOL..(!)

She was "nit-picking" the whole morning....she complained about the church service and had nothing good to say about it...(even though a proverbs 31 noticed her and during prayer time when over to her and prayed with her and showed concern for her even though she did not know her)

She complained about how people at church "dress up"...ha ha...(!) Yet she sure dresses HOTT for the club and to attract the worst kinds of men who basically end up beating her up because she "tears down her own house"...(See Holy Bible)

Truly pitiful...(!)

My little brunette cutie revealed this spirit when we were hangin out together...

So I don't call her anymore...the closer we get the worse she gets so she has been dismissed for now and forever until she stops acting stupid...(!) HA ha..(!)

Gentlemen you have alot to deal with concerning finding a wife/girlfriend or just interested in a career in professional whore running..

As I have stated before the quality of your woman will be in direct proportion to your ability to earn lots of money and provide a nice vacations...

A man with lots of money and power will have women fighting over him and they will tolerate him cheating one them as well as the occasional ass beating he will give his hoes..

The average guy however needs to be aware of the inner hatred of the modern woman and her bitterness towards ALL MEN...

Your going to have to break down all kinds of emotional "walls" she is going to have in place to protect her heart in addition to standard female "BS"...

Keeping the typical woman happy and horny requires new houses...and plenty of cash on hand..

Are you willing to pay the price and carry the enormous finiancial burden to try to keep a female happy who deep down resents you simply because you are a man even though you are doing everything you can to make her happy and feel loved...(?)

Men need to look at the kind of men a woman he is interested in has dated in the past...

If she is like most hoes today she has a history of dating and "falling in love" with the wrong men..

This shows her lack of intelligence and general stupidity and ignorance..

It also is a clear indication of what you are instore for if you get involved with one of these nagging...whining...hating...stupid..bimbos...(!)

Stay Single and/or be VERY VERY picky concerning women...

See Proverbs 31 and use as reference guide...

Thank You


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Re: I Will NEVER Be Controlled By A Man Again...(!)
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September 13 2003, 11:33 AM 

Nice post Super.

I was wondering your thoughts about the future of women. In the Bible it talks about a time when God will curse women with "baldness" and take away their confidence. It goes on to say in those days seven women will be begging one man to marry her. I believe this will be right after a huge war as the Bible says the men will "die in the big war." Do you think this time is soon? Well I do. It has to be talking about these few generations of women we have today. Because from what I know about history women have never been anywhere near as conceited and "haughty" as they are now...

I wish I could find the passage where it goes into detail about this.
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Re: Re: I Will NEVER Be Controlled By A Man Again...(!)
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September 13 2003, 12:01 PM 

I don't even have confidence in the first place.

I'm not bald though.

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Re: Re: Re: I Will NEVER Be Controlled By A Man Again...(!)
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September 13 2003, 12:08 PM 

I just realized has different rules. when you have a business relationship w/ someone you are honest 100%. It is in their best interest to be honest w/ you because it is mutually beneficial. In a romance things are different the more conflict you create the better things are. The person who does more for the other is in a position of weakness. The person who gives the least has the most power. WHen you try to tame love/romance it doesn't work. No matter what people say they always play games. Nothing new under the sun.
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Actually, Your beliefs Are New...
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September 13 2003, 12:58 PM 


That only works with screwed up desperate game playing morons not with normal people who have self-respect and inner strength and who are not desperate..

A strong truly independant person will not tolerate lies and deception or "head games"

For these people as soon as that shows it's ugly head they will end the relationship because they know that people who play games and take advantage of others are not worth even having as friends much less lovers or a wife/husband..

In the past women would not tolerate the "BS" men are getting away with today...

Men had to prove themselves for a long time before they even got to kiss or hold hands with a woman...

Today having sex with a woman is very easy for ALL men...


Today, we have pissed of college girls STILL STRIPPING AND USING SEX FOR MANIPULATION but at the same time they demand "respect" when any spiritual man can tell the girl is a nut case and a closet whore when no one is looking...

The stupidiy and hauntiness of woman today has been seen in the