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Misandry (IPA [mɪ.ˈsæn.dri]) is hatred (or contempt) of men or boys.

A number of interesting pages I have found. From, a very straight forth and honest web-site, to the more aggressive (Almost as aggressive as feminazis) My favorite being "The Chauvinist Corner." (Read The
Guest Book Archives from the Chauvinist corner if nothing else. It has a great "Q & A".) But all of it's true about women. Women have sided against men with absolutely unbelievable unity. The Bible talks about a time when women will be this bad. Don't feel bad for these bitches for a second. Ever check out The women there are ten times worse than any of us so called "misogynist." So I rest my case. The Bible predicted a time when the punishment for women's cruelty will be greater than the punishment of the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah! Women, you need to understand this straight up here, men are complaining of women's garbage, not because just one woman may have hurt him in the past, but because nearly all women he ever met has. In other words, stop pretending you're innocent and that men have no right to speak out about this oppression. All men ever wanted in women is righteousness. Sadly, none have it, as they won't even fess up to what women have become, and that's oppressors of men. Actually many women even brag about how evil they have made themselves. But at least those women admit it. It's the ones who pretend like nothing is happening to men who really boil my blood. I guess they see that as the best way to add insult to injury, is by playing dumb and then actually blaming men for women oppressing them. In my book, that's pretty damned sick. Makes me look forward to God's tremendious punishment of women even more though. :) I'll see ya women then. And will be mocking you women all the way when it happens.

Anti-feminist web sites

Angry Harry
Save The Males
Tom Leykis
Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women
The Chauvinist Corner

Discussion Boards

Cool Tools 4 Men
ManCoat Forum Over 1,200 members

Network54 (

Gender war
Rebel Women
Free spirited women vs a Proverbs 31 woman
Hurt People Hurt People
I Will NEVER Be Controlled By A Man Again...(!)
A man tells it like it is and the bitches can't take it


The REAL Future Of The Modern Women...(!)
A Biblical Response to the Feminist Agenda
Men, Women and Authority
A word for Husbands and wives
The Woman's Role in the Plan of God
Anti-Male Bias Increasingly Pervades US Culture
The Feminization of the Family


Mirror Of The Soul
Eternal Bachelor
Khankrum The Bulgar
Feminism Is Evil
Captain Zarmband
Why are American women and manginas so scared, it's just a blog. Well, it's by an American man who is actually living in Russia and is telling the truth to the world of men about Russian women! A must read for single guys or men stuck with fucked up American women.
A Woman Against Feminism All women need to read this. Maybe they can understand if from a female perspective. Lord knows they don't listen to men.
And Yet Another Woman Against Feminism She says some interesting things


Why are men so angry?
What Every Man Should Know About Feminist Issues
One Hell of a True Rant Men are going to foreign women now!!!
A Doctor of Psychology explains exactly how Westernized women became so sadistic toward men
Amoral women?
Why Women Are Angry
How The Women's Movement Taught Women to Hate
Did Women Really Want To Go Out To Work?
Double Standards: Ever Wonder Why?
Arthur Schopenhauer was a smart guy
The making of a misogynist
Rules For Single Women
Free Cat Card For Women
Marriage Just Say No
A Shortage of Good Men?
New syndrome for fat ass ho's!
It's Time for Men To Take Back Their Rights. Written by a woman. So listen up women, you CAN stand up for what is right. You do NOT have to be so sexist all the time!
Domestic Violence Against Men
America Has Lost Its Manhood
Men shouldn't bother seeking sex with friends
Men--It's Not Easy Being Hated
Some Damn Good Quotes
Women who Hate women
A response to a claim that women have been oppressed This actually came from a woman!
What To Do When The Man-Bashing Starts
Emotions Overtake Logic In Women
Unfair Alimony - True stories
Men's Experiences
Where Have All The Young Men Gone?
A Must Read For Young Men
Dating "modern" women
The New rule book
Twenty Four Indicators of Systemic Discrimination Against Men
Domestic Violence Statistics
New Australian Survey Exposes Some Feminist Myths
Stuart Miller on Domestic Violence
What Went Wrong?
A Woman asks why. Part One Part Two
The Positive Effects of Testosterone
Should I Apologize For Being Angry?
Men Going Their Own Way


Myth of Male Power by Warren Farrell. Starts off slow in the first 20 minutes but believe me, this guy has it wrapped up! A must listen, especially for women, as this guy seems to have an ability to reach women. (It must be a gift) I almost pressed the stop button but it gets very interesting as time goes on.
Left-click the above to play now.To save to disk, Right-click and "Save Target As":Part 1, Part 2

Woman calls police because Burger King made her the wrong hamburger. This is what women are becoming, entitlement whores.

"Why men would ever want to live with most women the way they've been acting these last few decades is beyond me." - Heather Roscoe

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