Should I Apologize For Being Angry?

George Rolph

I have heard it muted that men will never be able to pull together and fight as one, until they stop being angry at women. The reason given for this logic is, that many other men will not join the men's movement if they think it's made up of men who are angry at women because, their sense of chivalry will create in them an inherent need to defend women. While this logic is faultless, I wonder if its underlying premise is faulty. Allow me to explain.

I agree completely that gratuitous rage at ALL women is bizarre and probably borders on the mentally deranged scale of social sanity if it does not correct itself in time in the men affected. I also believe however, that Radical Feminism is infested with females who ARE mentally deranged because of their blind hatred for all things male. Having said that, I also believe that men have a right to be angry at those women who have, by various means, set out to destroy everything that those men hold dear. Now, if some guy (or woman) tells me that, because I am angry at the abuses I have suffered personally and witnessed against other men, he/she will not stand with me, my answer to him/her is a simple and direct one;

"Good! Go away, because you are not welcome. If the pain of your past fathers, present brothers and future sons, is less important than your old fashioned attitudes towards savage females, go be a Radical Feminist!

I firmly believe that as men, we have to get real here and understand exactly what it is we are fighting; who the enemy are; what they have done and are doing to men; how they are doing it and what we have to do to defeat it all.

There is a huge and growing roll of fallen men who have given their very lives because they have suffered massive personal and/or shared damage to their families, their finances and their reputations by females and hate filled female political philosophies. Men who, like my own father, have placed shotguns in their mouths. Men who have burned themselves to death in protests. Men who have jumped off bridges. Men who have starved themselves in hunger strikes. Men who have lost their sanity. Men who have been raped in every way imaginable by a savage, feminised system and become homeless drifters. Men who have gassed themselves in cars. Men stripped of their families, children and reputations. Men falsely accused of horrendous crimes who have preferred death to trying to live with such a stain on their character. Men who have watched helplessly as crippling child support payments have destroyed their ability to earn or keep a business running. Men who have been sent to jail for "waving" at their children in a passing car and so found themselves in breach of a "no contact order." Men trapped in horrifying and savagely abusive relationships they cannot escape from or find any help to manage, because the system set up by women, for women, will not allow them in. Men being forced to pay child support for children they did not father. Men losing jobs because of invented sexual discrimination allegations. Men who, every day, have to read and watch incredibly insulting things said about their gender in endless press reports, magazine articles (often written by bitter females) on TV shows and in movies. In India, over a million males were forcibly castrated on the orders of a female premier. Just how damn patient do they want us to be?

No matter how much those on the fringes of the men's movement (i.e. Internet radio commentators and journalists) think men's anger is somehow, uncivilized, many men have very good reason to be furious and it's that fury that drives them on. What those detractors should be thankful for is the massive restraint those angry men are showing. Those men have every right to storm the courts and government buildings and start shooting. The fact that they do not is a testament to their incredible patience and wonderfully noble characters! Forty years of insults and assaults by women and feminised men is enough to make any man angry. For me, the problem is not so much the angry men, as the men who don't get angry.

The assault against the male gender has long gone past the café chatting stage. Those who observe the men's movement and "tut, tut" at the rage they see and hear, as they sip their coffee in the Internet café or office canteen, should understand just how close to a world wide and massive male rebellion we are all coming. If it does blow up, it will be very ugly indeed. While that prospect is frightening and one that must be headed off if possible, it will not be done by side line commentators telling men to cool it. These men are not going to cool it. What must be done is to find constructive ways to channel that anger. That has to start with education.

Know your enemy is the first rule of warfare and, make no mistake, this is a war! What is more, it is a war that MUST be won! Our enemy is not all women but some women and some men.

The modern missiles aimed at men are bigotry, lies, deception, disinformation, misinformation, hate dressed up as equality, political propaganda of the worst kind and wholesale political manipulation of the populations around the world. All of these things are falsehoods and all are missiles of the mind. Therefore, the fundamental weapons of our warfare are truth, justice and personal integrity. Shields of the mind.

The instrument of the weapons formed against men is Radical Feminism. Therefore, they are our enemy.

The history of what they have said and done are our ammunition.

Calling them to account socially, legally, morally and financially is our goal. That includes anyone: Journalists, judges, lawyers, publishers, politicians, TV executives, teachers, policemen and on and on, who have pressed these injustices onto innocent and helpless men and families for personal, political, or corporate advantage and gain. We have to make the supporters of this foul Radical Feminist political movement into social pariahs. We must do this as a warning that will sound loud and clear throughout history, that the likes of these vermin will not be tolerated again. Just as we did with that other bigotry called, Nazism.

A friend of mine was in the army. I asked him, "What would you do if you are on a battlefield and you see a women charging towards you with a gun and the intent to kill you?

"I would shoot her.

"No hesitation?" I asked.

"Nope. None." He said, emphatically.

"OK." I replied. "What would you do if you were in a corner at home and your wife was standing over you with an axe with the intention of burying it in your head?

He thought hard before replying. Finally he asked, "I can't get away?

"No. You are slumped in a corner and she has the axe raised.

There was a long silence, then he said, "I would pray.

Chivalry aimed at the wrong people will utterly destroy men who won't fight back. If they want to stand by and watch as vicious, politically motivated attacks destroy all they are and all they love, then they have no place in the men's movement at all. On the other hand, if they understand this is a real war, then they can shoot back with legal weapons and need not fear. The enemy has to be stopped and curling up in a trench and hoping, that if he is polite, she will not bayonet him with a false allegation or a new law designed to rip his life apart is, frankly, stupid! It was that attitude that got us into this mess in the first place.

Violence is not the answer, but neither is Chivalry. This gender war is costing too many lives to be fought as if it was an 18th century battle between gentlemen. It isn't! Men did not start the war but men have to win it. The time has come to fight back with the best weapon we have... The truth! Sometimes the truth is a cruel weapon.

I understand there are women in the men's movement who find men's anger difficult to deal with. Perhaps they have had too many compliant men around them for too long, I don't know. But those women who do join us had better not start to lecture us about how it's so very important to be nice. Nice, will cost you your family, property, reputation and all you have earned, if you are male. If history has shown anything to men, that is it. Save your lectures for kindergarten kids. Don't make the mistake of talking down to us because, if you do, we will turn against you also. Roll up your sleeves and fight beside us or get out of the way. If you do that you are welcome, if not, then go away! There are not many social workers found on battlefields and we don't want to be ‘mummied' out of our anger thank you very much!

Should I apologize for being angry? Hell no! I have every right to be angry.

George Rolph. August 2005.