Amoral Women?

By Darren Blacksmith

I have a theory that men have a greater potential for good or evil than women. In order to be truly evil or good, you have to have made a moral choice. Like in the story "A Clockwork Orange", a young boy who leads a life of bad behavior needs to choose to become good, but instead the state put him through some brutal therapy that makes him ill whenever he thinks of doing something bad. But this doesn't make him good, it forces him to not be bad. There's a difference. Without the capacity to make moral choices in our behavior, we are a living thing that has become mechanized, like a clockwork orange.

Men feel these choices more than women. Men choose. Men are pre-eminently the moral creatures.

We are taught by our upbringing, education, and the media, that women are good, men are bad. We are told to think of Mother Theresa and Florance Nightingale. Yet these are no more representative of most women than are serial killers representative of most men. Women in general don't behave themselves because it is the RIGHT thing. In fact, most women these days balk at the idea of any code of morals. Rather, they behave themselves because they want to appear good, socially acceptable, attractive, and they don't want to confront bad feelings. Their code is not based on platonic system of morals. It's based on feelings. In other words, they are not so much moral or immoral. They are amoral, which is something even worse. They haven't made a moral decision. They haven't even acknowledged that there was one to make in the first place.

Why is this so? Men know about morals because we virtually always have to deal with the consequences of our actions. Women hardly ever have to. Chiefly, because they are protected from the consequences by society that treats them more leniently than men, and by their own capacity for self-deception. They never face up to taking the blame for any actions they take that have bad effects. They make excuses.

Amoral women get away with their bad actions. They are let off more easily in court cases. This week, commenting on the case of a woman who had been falsely imprisoned for killing her two babies, British TV presenter, Anne Diamond said "Even if she had 'done something' to them, I'm not sure that jail would have been the right response." This attitude shows two things to me:

1) When a woman does something evil, it's downplayed. It's given a euphemism of 'done something', rather than 'killed'. This helps perpetuate the idea that women don't do bad things.

2) Even if a woman kills, people are reluctant to punish her for it. She does not have to face the consequences of one of the most evil acts.

This sheltering from the consequences of their acts starts in an almost inadvertent way when boys and girls are told off. Because a boy's misbehavior is easier to spot - example; hitting another boy - he is more likely to be told off, but the girl's misbehavior takes the form of psychological warfare, ostracizing a friend, spreading rumors. It can be devastating to the victim, but is rarely spotted and punished. She thus learns she can get away with her bad behavior.

And then this continues into adulthood. A woman's behavior is not bound by any moral code (and even male criminals often have some sort of moral code), but is purely bound by what she can get away with, what society will turn its back to. Thus, women emotionally manipulate their husbands and drive them to the edge, they decide now, in the UK, to kill one in four babies that are due to be born (although obviously it can't be expressed in this language, it has to be abstracted and called "terminating the pregnancy"), they support and date the bad men, and leave the good men in on a Saturday night, and even if they do give a good guy dates, they will sense the weak and vulnerable position that his personal morals leave him in and walk all over him.

Of course, I've simplified the world a GREAT deal in this argument, but nevertheless I believe there is a great deal of truth in this. And it's an unspoken truth.

Evil doesn't need all men to be bad, it just needs a small number of men to make a wrong moral choice, then the majority of women will support them.

Comments anyone?

Darren Blacksmith